Sunday, 17 March 2013

Testing Times

I have recently seen an advertisement for how not to get kids writing and how not to get the best out of boys and their writing. The solution for the above is simple. TEST THEM. Sit them down and tell them they have 40 minutes to write to the best of their ability about a topic I have chosen. 

I wish I had filmed the first 10 minutes of this test. Kids sitting at their desks staring at their blank screens trying to come up with some ideas, others nervously looking at how much the person next to them has written.

Of course some kids are fine and produce some pieces of quality but for the most part it is not the case. Anyway I don't mean this to be a negative post about assessment. Assessment has its place and I do value it. My reason for writing this is more about the fact that the boys, 90% of my class anyway, really aren't suited to this type of environment and struggle to write anything of great value. 

So my observation is - pressurized teacher chosen topics and environments of this extreme nature don't suit boys!

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  1. Thanks Chris for sharing your thoughts on this issue. My husband and I are teachers - having just moved from South Auckland to Saudi Arabia and having two boys of our own - we've the best part of our Summer Vacation trying to excite them with learning type activities. They've been blogging and creating movies etc. We have finally found books that hook them (with only 10 days of holiday left) - this is a timely reminder that our boys are quite different to our two girls. So thank you :D