Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cone of Silence

Last week I found some plywood and someone was nice enough to cut it up for me. So now we have a row of study booths for the kids to use if they want to focus and get away from distractions. First day, nobody went near them but now the boys are loving it. They still lean around and have a chat every now and again but they are far more focused. The boys are choosing to sit there themselves and they just come and go throughout the lesson.

So this all came about after noticing that some of the boys really struggle to get away from friends who distract them. They aren't strong enough or don't feel confident enough to ask their friends to be quiet. Alternatively they get distracted by looking at their friends work and seeing that they have done more than them and so start to worry.

Basically the idea is to give the kids options of places to sit. They are now appreciating the benefits of each space and will move around depending on their needs at the time. I will add more photos of some other spaces the kids have been using and some new ways of using coffee tables.